We’ll be the first to admit smoked turkey and ribs aren’t the first dishes you think of for a romantic night out. The Valley Smoke crew is here to change your mind and expand your perspective before you begin planning your next date. At the end of the day, a perfect first date all comes down to the atmosphere and quality of food and drinks you order. A fancy filet and expensive bottle of wine are great, but the right partner will enjoy something a little more approachable. Don’t get us wrong, Valley Smoke doesn’t cut corners when it comes to experience and approach. If you’re up in the air about choosing BBQ, we’re here to close the case for you and your date.

Shareable Plates are the Perfect Conversation Starter

First dates are all about getting to know the person sitting across from you. No dining experience can bring you closer than splitting a few starters and an entree. This is a great time to explore foods outside your comfort zone! Here are a few of our top choices:

  • Roast Beet Salad with Pecan, Pears, Georgia Blue Cheese/, Baby Spinach and Local Honey Sherry Vinaigrette
  • Oak Smoked Burrata with Arugula, Tomato Peach Compote, Olive Oil, Basil and Grilled Baguette
  • ‘Que for 2 that comes with a 3 Meat Combo and 3 Sides

Strong Cocktails and Southern BBQ are a Match Made in Heaven

There’s something for everyone behind the fully stock Valley Smoke bar and impressive whiskey wall. Spike lemonade? We’ve got that. French wine? We have that, too. Whatever you fancy, it’s nearly impossible to find a drink that doesn’t work well with smoked meat.

Our team has a few favorite drink and food pairings we encourage you to try. Impress your date with one of these drink orders:

  • Old Fashioned: 1792 Small Batch Bourbon, Luxardo Cherries, Bittermilk Old Fashioned Mix, Fresh Orange
  • Backwoods Bourbon Punch: Old Forester 1897 Bourbon, Grapefruit Juice, Sweet Vermouth, Aperol, Orange Slice, Luxardo Cherry
  • Valley Girl: Grey Goose Vodka, St. Germain, Thatcher’s Blood Orange, Lemon, Simple Syrup, Chandon Sweet Star Sparkling Wine

Valley Smoke Offers a Fresh Approach to Southern BBQ Favorites

Small town smokehouses ruled the roost for decades, but Valley Smoke brings a fresh take you’ll love. We’re not saying we don’t love the classic joints that started it all. The pros at Valley Smoke elevate the features you love about regular BBQ and we add our own unique spin.

Sample elevated BBQ favorites and gourmet crafted cocktails at Valley Smoke for your upcoming first date. From locally sourced ingredients to perfectly sweet desserts, you’re guaranteed to impress your date with a visit to Valley Smoke. Reserve your table here.

A truly great steak is few and far between. If you’ve ever bitten into a pink, juicy, tender cut of beef, you know why people pay top dollar for a perfect cut of meat. Whether you just started eating red meat or you’re ready to be smarter about what you consume, the Valley Smoke pit crew is here to help. It’s time to learn about your favorite cut and cooking preparation. Here’s everything you need to know to order your steak the right way: 

Get Familiar with the Degrees of Doneness

This is the most important aspect of a perfect steak order. Even a cheap cut of steak can taste delicious if you cook it correctly. Cooking temperatures and average times vary by preparation, shape and size. Our basic guidelines should be verified with a meat thermometer for an accurate read. Not sure how to use a meat thermometer? We’ve got you covered. 

Step 1: Insert the thermometer needle through the side of the meat until the tip reaches the center. Remove meats from the heat when the thermometer is around 5-degrees lower than the desired temperature. 

Step 2: Let the steak rest of a wood cutting board for about 5-10 minutes, allowing the juices to settle and the meat to reach the desired temperature. 

You deserve steak the way you love it, every single time. While it’s ultimately on the chef to create the perfect meal, it’s your responsibility to order correctly. 

Rare (120-degrees): Cool to slightly warm red center, tender texture

Medium Rare (130-degrees): Warm red center, the favorite temperature of most chefs

Medium (140-degrees): Hot pink center, slightly firmer 

Medium Well (150-degrees): Mostly cooked through, firm texture

Well Done (160-degrees): Dry, colorless, firm

Cuts of Steak to Test and Love

Filet Mignon: This is considered the peak of luxury for many diners. The tender, soft texture of a medium-rare filet could be cut with a spoon (although a great steak knife is our preference). Filet is the ideal choice if you prefer little to no fat and a hearty, mild flavor. 

Ribeye: This is a favorite at Valley Smoke. We serve our 14-ounce ribeye with housemade horseradish sauce and your favorite potato side. This cut’s marbled fat is what makes this craveable cut a winner in our books. 

Flank: While this may be far cheaper than the other two on the list, flank steak is packed with flavor. You need to know two things before you cook this cut — never cook past medium-rare (130-degrees) and always thinly slice against the grain. The volume of this fibrous cut makes it the perfect choice for a crowd. 

Sample these Steaks and More at Valley Smoke this Fall

Our team knows a thing or two about perfectly cooked and seasoned meat. We only serve the best quality cuts that pair perfectly with our gourmet sides. Valley Smoke is the ideal way to spend a chilly fall evening. Start your meal with a smooth whiskey cocktail, move onto a perfectly cooked steak and finish with an irresistible dessert. 

Pop in this weekend or contact us for a reservation

You really can’t go wrong with elevated southern food on a Sunday morning (hey, waterfront views don’t hurt either.) Brunch is a staple in the Bold City, and Valley Smoke has successfully carved out its spot on the scene. If you’ve never indulged in our fresh-pressed juices, full bar, and inventive entrees, read on then book your reservation.

Kick-Off Your Meal with Shareable Starters

There’s so much more to the morning than pancakes and waffles. Whether you’re a party of two or come in with the whole church group, Valley Smoke knocks it out of the park with breakfast-friendly starters. 


Start your meal right with an order of beignets or mini jalapeno cornbread muffins for the table. The caramel sauce and powdered sugar coating on the beignets are irresistible even to the pickiest eater. While the adults sip something strong to start the day, the kiddos will love the pre-brunch snacks. Many of our team members have little ones themselves, so we know the value of putting food on the table right away. 

Unwind with a Cocktail on Our Waterfront Dock

Sometimes all you need on a Sunday morning is a great drink, a delicious meal, and time to relax. Valley Smoke offers visitors a few different spots to take in the view. Grab a seat on the dock, dine at one of our outdoor tables, or take a lap around our expansive yard. 


Restaurants worth raving about boast more than just great food. Our pit crew knows a thing or two about serving up delicious food, but it wouldn’t matter if you couldn’t stay and enjoy it. When we’re not smoking meat or mixing drinks, the Valley Smoke team soaks in the views at the end of our dock. What’s not to love about the peace and quiet of the Intracoastal?

Classic Southern Favorites with a Contemporary Twist

We’ve all had an average breakfast that lacked creativity. Valley Smoke wanted to do something different when we introduced brunch to our weekend lineup. We don’t stray far from our BBQ specialties to curate a crave-worthy breakfast menu.


  • BBQ Shrimp & Grits: 2 eggs* any style/C&P Jalapeño Rice Grits/Grilled Hot Link/Scallion
  • Churrasco Steak & Eggs*: 2 Eggs*/ Crispy Potatoes/Mixed Greens/ Chimichurri
  • Valley Smoke Benedict: House Biscuit/ House Smoked Ham/Poached Egg*/ Hollandaise/Crispy Potatoes

Visit Us at Valley Smoke Any Weekend in September!

We serve brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm. The place gets a little busy with social distancing in place, so be sure to book a reservation to reserve a waterfront table. 

No brunch is complete without a tasty cocktail! Check out our full bar menu during brunch, along with a few drinks created especially for our brunch crowd.

American barbeque has a history that spans generations. Cultures from every corner of the country add their own twist year over year. From molasses-based sauces to tangy mustard varieties, the Valley Smoke pit crew is here to explain the differences between classic BBQ creations and modern takes.

Classic Varieties by Region

The four primary styles of barbeque come from Memphis, North Carolina, Kansas City, and Texas. Each region is known for a very specific type of sauce and meat preparation. While these four ‘que hotspots claim the original titles, great cooks and restaurateurs put their own spin on these classic preparations.  

Memphis totes a tomato-based sauce, particularly delicious on the renowned pulled pork shoulder. North Carolina slides the whole pig in a smoker then slathers it in a vinegar-based sauce. Slow-smoked meat from Kansas City gets its flavor from a dry rub and a thick, sweet sauce. And Texans? Well, they have a different style for each part of the state. However they each prepare their meat, it’s always paired with a thin vinegar-based sauce. 

The Ins-and-Outs of New ‘Que

Contemporary approaches to traditional smoke shacks offer unique flavors we all know and love. Aside from curated decor and regional memorabilia, you can expect a varied menu with a slew of offerings. 

At Valley Smoke, we put a huge focus on perfectly prepared meats. From options you’d expect (like brisket and ribs) to unique additions (like hot links and churrasco steak), there’s something for everyone at our waterfront pit stop. 

Along with the delicious meats on the menu, we add modern options like:

– Oak Smoked Burrata

– Smoked Pork Belly Ramen

– Wood Grilled Cauliflower Steak

21st century BBQ restaurants offer a combination of classics and gourmet takes. Inventive apps, creative sides, and decadent desserts are all expected staples on modern-day barbeque menus. 

Our Favorite Classic + Modern Meal Pairings

You have so many wonderful choices at Valley Smoke this spring. There are thousands of meal combinations, starting with an indulgent appetizer and finishing with a shareable dessert. Of course, the best meals combine BBQ staples with our own gourmet twists. Here are a few multi-course dining ideas to spur your imagination:

– Fried Green Tomatoes + Heritage St Louis Style Ribs + Hummingbird Cake

– Crispy Chicken Livers + The Chopped Brisket Sandwich + Cucumber Basil Gimlet

– Wood-Fire Local Shrimp + Filet Mignon + Banana Pudding

Is your mouth watering yet? Give us a call or drop by today to check out our seasonal menu offerings and sample a few local favorites. We look forward to serving you!

Okay, okay…we’ll admit brisket probably isn’t the first dish that comes to mind when you think “romance”. We’re here to silence the naysayers and broaden your perspective of a classic Valentine’s Day dinner. When it really comes down to it, a great dinner with your S/O is all about the setting and the quality of food and drinks you order. Everything from a box of Whoppers to a piece of Wagyu can fit the bill for a romantic February dinner. If you’re on the fence about opting for BBQ this holiday, we’re here to close the case for you and your date. 

Modern Southern BBQ Changes the Game for Diners

Hole-in-the-wall smokehouses are no longer the rule to BBQ joints, rather the exception. Don’t get us wrong, we still love the down-home classics that started it all. Valley Smoke takes everything you love about traditional BBQ and adds our own contemporary approach. 

In-house smoked meat? Check. Irresistible side dishes that are totally outside your diet? Absolutely. A less-than-desirable restaurant setting in the middle of nowhere? No way Jose. That’s one of the ways we do things differently. 

We can’t think of a more romantic setting in Jacksonville than waterfront dining on the Intracoastal. Indulge in beautifully plated portions of your favorite BBQ classics and outstanding comforting side dishes with a modern gourmet twist. 

Get Cozy with Your S/O and Order Your Meal to Share

Valentine’s dinner is all about spending quality time with the one you love (or really, really like…we don’t know your relationship status!) No dining experience brings two people closer than sharing multiple courses of delicious food. 

Venture outside of your comfort zone and sample foods of all kinds. A few of our favorite dishes to share include: 

  • Oak Smoked Burrata with Arugula, Tomato Peach Compote, Olive Oil, Basil and Grilled Baguette
  • Roast Beet Salad with Pecan, Pears, Georgia Blue Cheese/, Baby Spinach and Local Honey Sherry Vinaigrette
  • ‘Que for 2 that comes with a 3 Meat Combo and 3 Sides

BBQ Pairs Beautifully with Your Favorite Drinks

We have no clue what your favorite drink is. But you know what? We *know* it goes well with  BBQ. It’s hard to think of a drink that doesn’t work with perfectly cooked meat. Whether you fancy red wine, rye whiskey or root beer, you’ll be hard-fought to find a beverage that doesn’t bode well with BBQ. 

Of course, we do have our favorite food and drink pairings. If you and your partner plan to have a boozy Valentine’s day, we’ve got you covered at Valley Smoke

  • Backwoods Bourbon Punch: Old Forester 1897 Bourbon, Grapefruit Juice, Sweet Vermouth, Aperol, Orange Slice, Luxardo Cherry
  • Valley Girl: Grey Goose Vodka, St. Germain, Thatcher’s Blood Orange, Lemon, Simple Syrup, Chandon Sweet Star Sparkling Wine
  • Old Fashioned: 1792 Small Batch Bourbon, Luxardo Cherries, Bittermilk Old Fashioned Mix, Fresh Orange

Come try all of your BBQ favorites and more at Valley Smoke this Valentine’s Day. Whether you crave a perfectly cooked steak or a slab of ribs, you can’t go wrong with BBQ for your romantic dinner. Book your reservation today to snag your favorite table with a waterfront view. We can’t wait to help you celebrate!

Sweets in the cold weather quickly transition from ice cream and frozen yogurt to warm brownies and slices of cake. Hey, we’re not mad about it! When you step in the doors of Valley Smoke, you immediately feel warm and welcome. From the cozy seating and elegant whiskey wall to the impressive view of the Intracoastal, we have no doubt you’ll feel right at home. After you settle in and indulge in the best dang BBQ on this side of the Mississippi, it’s time to satisfy that sweet tooth with one of our irresistible desserts. 

Hummingbird Cake is a Local Favorite in the Halls of Valley Smoke

If you’re new to the south or aren’t much of a baker, hummingbird cake is probably a foreign concept. Boy, are you in for a treat. Every slice of this spice cake combines just the right amount of cinnamon, pecans, pineapple, banana and vanilla. Top it all off with homemade cream cheese frosting for a dessert made in heaven. 

Hummingbird cake doesn’t leave you feeling overly full like many dense desserts. This is the perfect dessert to follow a big meal of southern sides and smoked meat. Round out your dessert with a glass of red wine for your nightcap. 

Nothing is Quite as Luxurious as Our Chocolate Caramel Brownie

It’s hard to beat the decadent combination of rich white and dark chocolate, salty caramel and luxardo cherry syrup. Oh, yeah. It also comes with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. This is one of the most popular desserts at Valley Smoke for good reason. After filling up on delicious BBQ dishes, there’s always room left for a brownie. 

A few bites of this delicious dessert pair perfectly with a classic old fashioned. The sweet flavors of the dessert are beautifully balanced by the strong and sweet mix of this cocktail staple. 

Stay Warm this Winter with the Help of Valley Smoke

We have stiff drinks, sweet treats and everything in between to keep you warm this winter. Valley Smoke is nestled right on the beautiful Intracoastal, in between lovely Ponte Vedra homes and extensive greenery. 

If you haven’t had a chance to stop in this season, we can’t think of a better time than when the temperature begins to drop. Nestle up by our whiskey wall or grab a table with a view — whatever you choose, you’re in for a wonderful dinner and dessert to remember. 

Make your reservation here. We can’t wait to see you this fall!

You know those rare dining experiences that are almost too good to explain? We don’t mean to toot our own horn (okay, maybe a little…), but our housemade hotlinks fit the bill. Slip through Valley Smoke’s entry and escape for a meal you simply won’t be able to forget. From the first sip of your cocktail to the last bite of Hummingbird cake, your Valley Smoke experience is sure to be an adventure. We’re here with a few irresistible reasons to indulge in the hot links next time you join us. 

Hot Links are the Perfect Addition to the ‘Que for Two/Four

Barbeque can fill you up quickly if you’re not careful. Fatty cuts of brisket and spoonfuls of creamed corn need to be balanced out by something a little bit lighter. Our hot links are prepared in house using the perfect cuts of meat to cut through the heaviness. 

The subtle kick of spice and burst of juicy flavors is the perfect complement to our more mellow meats. Pair your hot links with beef brisket and good breed chicken for a well-rounded platter of flavors. 

Pair with Two Sides for the Perfect Light Lunch

Watching your waistline? Valley Smoke has got ‘ya covered. Our hot links are the perfect portion size when accompanied by two light sides. Hot links, brisket baked beans and creamed spinach are healthy-ish comfort food at its finest. 

There’s simply nothing more southern than a good ‘ole plate of barbeque, especially if when hot links are in the picture. This down south classic dish plays well with other meats and is agreeable enough for even the pickiest of eaters. 

A Burst of Flavor Like Nothing You’ve Experienced

Sausage is dull and flavorless if it’s not prepared well. If you order hot links at a restaurant south of the Mason-Dixon, you want an explosion of flavor in every bite of the moist sausage. You’re in luck because that’s exactly what you’ll get at Valley Smoke. 

We carefully created a hot links recipe that rivals any restaurant in the south. The perfect combination of seasonings and well-cooked meat makes our hot links practically irresistible.

Visit Valley Smoke this Fall to Get Your Fix

One of our favorite times of the year in Jacksonville is the crisp fall season. It’s the perfect temperature for an outdoor meal with a beautiful waterfront view. If you’ve never dined with us before at Valley Smoke, you’re in for a treat! Get ready for great food and delicious cocktails all with a panoramic scope of the Intracoastal. 

Book your reservation today!

Nothing is quite as satisfying as some mid-summer BBQ. If you’re headed out on the boat or simply want a no-fuss meal, a sandwich is always the answer. No one in Jacksonville does BBQ sandwiches better than the pit crew at Valley Smoke. If you read this post while you’re hungry, we have no doubt you’ll head up to our smoke shack on Roscoe in no time. Without further ado, here are three of the best sandwiches on this side of the Mississippi. 

Farm House Mini Sandwiches

Sure, these are an appetizer. But we couldn’t tell you how many times guests order these petite sandwiches as their main entree. If you’re one of those people who turns leftover Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner into sandwiches the next day, then this is the choice for you.

Every bite of these sliders is the perfect blend of sweet and salty. Buttermilk biscuits, house-cured country ham and irresistible pepper jelly are matches made in sandwich heaven. Make it a meal by adding a mixed green salad on the side. 

PV Yacht Club Sandwich

Kick it up a notch with this hearty Valley Smoke favorite. The PV Yacht Club sandwich is the Rolls Royce of sandwiches (if we do say so ourselves). Indulge in six whopping ounces of beef tenderloin, a warm toasted brioche bun, jack cheese, grilled red onions, arugula and house-made steak sauce. Seriously, does it get better than that?

This sandwich is a year-round dinner favorite for obvious reasons. While it’s a bit on the heavier side, many couples often share it and add some sides. We love pairing it with coleslaw and french fries. 

The Grilled Cheese

That’s right. It’s not just a grilled cheese, it’s the grilled cheese. While BBQ and meat might be our thing, we certainly know a thing or two about a dang good grilled cheese sandwich. It all starts with our house-made buttermilk white bread. We top it with a secret three cheese blend and a side of simple tomato soup.

Low key? Yes. Low flavor? Absolutely not. This is a great lunch or dinner options for kiddos, vegetarians and cheese lovers everywhere. Start your meal with a garden salad to add some healthy vegetables.

Find Your New Favorite Sandwich at Valley Smoke

It’s hard not to order a platter of BBQ meat or a big steak when you dine at Valley Smoke. Venture outside your comfort zone on your next visit and give one of our irresistible sandwiches a try. We have seven different sandwiches for you to try and have no doubt you’ll love every single one. 

Make a reservation today! We can’t wait to see you. 

A well-rounded meal begins with the first sip of your whiskey cocktail and the last bite of that sweet dessert. The Valley Smoke pit crew looks at BBQ as a science and eating as an art. Swap paint brushes for a fork and knife and we’re in business! In a society where dining is often rushed and true flavor pairings are no longer savored, we’re here to bring back the beauty of the perfect meal.

Tried-and-True Tips for a Well Balanced Dinner

1. Savor cream-based foods during just one course. A heavy appetizer like a cream-based soup may be too much if followed by creamy side dishes during the main course. The one exception to the rule is dessert, of course. If you’re in the mood for a scoop of ice cream, we say go for it.

2. Avoid ordering different menu items that have duplicating flavors. If you opt for a burrata appetizer, you likely wouldn’t order a burrata pasta dish. (You’re in luck! We focus on meats for our mains here at Valley Smoke.)

3. The sauce is such an important part of the flavor profile that we recommend you enjoy each sauce only once. If chimichurri plays a major role in one of your side dishes, it may not be complementary to order a main course with the same flavor profiles.

4. It’s rare to see sweet fruits as the focal point of an appetizer. Why, exactly? Sugary foods dull the appetite, which is why chefs typically save them for the last course. Grapefruit and watermelon are the only exceptions!

Complementary Elements are Key to a Great Meal

The perfect meal blends contrasting flavors and taste elements into an excellent combination of courses. Here’s what we’re talking about:

1. Complementing Textures: There’s just something so refreshing about a perfectly moist piece of meat contrasted by crunchy grilled veggies or a crisp salad. Soft and crunchy textures blend together so well, which is why soup and salad is the perfect combo.

2. Complementing Flavors: We’re talking about fresh herbs, marinades and seasonings. Certain foods lack bold flavors, like romaine lettuce. Subtle foods are the perfect complement to flavor-forward dishes.

3. Complementing Colors: A colorful plate of fresh food is a true sight for the eyes. Focus on a combination of colors when creating your main dish. Bright shades of green, yellow and red (we’re talking about veggies, here!) alongside meats are a sign of a healthy, balanced meal.

Experience the Perfect Meal at Valley Smoke BBQ

We’ve traveled far and wide to create dishes juuuust right for our friends all over Jacksonville. When you walk into Valley Smoke this season, you’ll find seasonal ingredients, top-quality meats and outstanding cocktails.

Make a reservation here and come on by this summer. We can’t wait to see you!

Walking down the condiments aisle in the grocery store is absolutely exhausting. If you’re not careful, you could get lost in a sea of BBQ sauces for hours! From the housemade stuff you find at Valley Smoke to the jarred options at your local supermarket, we’re here with the top choices to flavor your meat this summer.

Kansas City Classics

Sweet and smoky KC sauces are the perfect complement to a hot summer meal. The Valley Smoke BBQ pros draw flavor inspiration from our whiskey wall, local cuisines and adventurous palates.

We might be biased, but our favorite version of Kansas City BBQ sauce is what we make in-house. It’s the perfect thickness and mixture of sweet molasses, vinegar and a couple of other secret components. Hey, I guess you’ll just have to stop by and try it!

If you’re in a pinch and need to pick something up from Publix, you can’t go wrong with Sweet Baby Ray’s. This bottled option has served the masses for decades. The sweet, tangy profile and extra thickness is great for any backyard BBQ.

Can’t-Miss Mustard Options

South Carolina brought mustard-based sauces to the world of BBQ, and boy are we thankful. This popular option graces your dinner table in the form of a thin sauce with a distinct zing. Valley Smoke regulars love our take on this Carolina classic. Drizzle some of our mustard sauce on some meat from the pit for a serious flavor experience.

It’s hard to find a good grocery store option of a Carolina Gold, but Trader Joe’s does a solid rendition of this cult favorite. Their name brand BBQ is made with pure cane sugar, which is a rarity in the world of mass-produced corn syrup sauces.

Vinegar-Based Varieties Dominate the Scene

An absolute staple in any serious BBQ joint is a ho’made vinegar sauce. Yep, we’ve got it going on at Valley Smoke with our vinegar version. We worked tirelessly to develop two sauces (that’s right, we have TWO vinegar options) that strike the perfect combo of vinegar and spices. One is more traditional while the other kicks it up a notch with red peppers. Whether you want some heat or like to keep your cool, we’ve got what ‘ya need.

Stubb’s Original is a good store-bought option that’s been around for ages. It even used to be served in a whiskey bottle! No wonder we like this option. Give it a try if you don’t have time to pop into Valley Smoke for a bottle of our version.

Find Your Favorite at the Valley Smoke BBQ Pit

We serve BBQ lovers from the First Coast and beyond seven days a week. From our twist on Sunday brunch classics to slow-roasted meats, every one of our BBQ sauces is the perfect complement to your order.

Make your reservation to snag a table with an Intracoastal view. We can’t wait to serve you!