People don’t typically think of whiskey when ordering a cocktail on a hot day. We’re here to tell you why (and how) whiskey is the perfect order next time you’re out for dinner. While many people are partial to vodka and white rum to cool them off, certain approaches to dark liquor can give drinkers the same sensation. Here are our favorite ways to relax with the right food and whiskey pairing this season:

Some Tips on How to Sip Whiskey in January

– Winter citrus is your friend: Fresh fruits like lime, grapefruit and Meyer lemon are in season right now. Muddle some into your cold whiskey for the perfect touch of sweetness.

 – Embrace the bitters during the cold months: Bitters make any cocktail more complex, which makes them a fan favorite amongst true whiskey drinkers.

– Play around with an aged whiskey: The longer a whiskey ages in a barrel, the more complex and pungent it gets. While most people crave the elaborate flavor profile of a top-quality aged option, it’s important to sample until you find the one you prefer.

Smoked Meat and Whiskey is a Match Made in Heaven

It’s time for the food pairings. When you pop into Valley Smoke, you can expect a few things: top-quality meats, delicious sides and a never ending whiskey wall. When you follow the summer whiskey recommendations above, you’ll have a hard time finding a meal at Valley Smoke that doesn’t pair well. 

– Carolina Style Chopped Pork: The mild flavors of our house prepared pork beg for a whiskey cocktail on the lighter side. If you ordered something stronger, like an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan, the fresh pork flavors would fall to the wayside. 

– Churrasco Steak: Okay, this one isn’t smoked but it’s definitely worth mentioning. Our churrasco steak is served with a specially prepared chimichurri sauce. Consider a Backwoods Bourbon Punch to highlight the exotic flavors of the dish. 

– The Sliced Brisket Sandwich: As one of our most popular lunch specials, it’s not all that often we see it paired with whiskey. Next time you pop in for a long weekend lunch, venture into the idea of a dark liquor with your meal. Ask about our seasonal cocktail on tap!

Come Eat and Drink with Us at Valley Smoke this Season!

It’s hard to beat Intracoastal views, great food and an impressive bar. If you’re unsure how to pair your meal with a whiskey cocktail this season, chat with one of our bartenders. Many of our team members are trained in whiskey and food pairings. 

Place your take out order here or book a reservation for your next trip in. We can’t wait to see you!