A truly great steak is few and far between. If you’ve ever bitten into a pink, juicy, tender cut of beef, you know why people pay top dollar for a perfect cut of meat. Whether you just started eating red meat or you’re ready to be smarter about what you consume, the Valley Smoke pit crew is here to help. It’s time to learn about your favorite cut and cooking preparation. Here’s everything you need to know to order your steak the right way: 

Get Familiar with the Degrees of Doneness

This is the most important aspect of a perfect steak order. Even a cheap cut of steak can taste delicious if you cook it correctly. Cooking temperatures and average times vary by preparation, shape and size. Our basic guidelines should be verified with a meat thermometer for an accurate read. Not sure how to use a meat thermometer? We’ve got you covered. 

Step 1: Insert the thermometer needle through the side of the meat until the tip reaches the center. Remove meats from the heat when the thermometer is around 5-degrees lower than the desired temperature. 

Step 2: Let the steak rest of a wood cutting board for about 5-10 minutes, allowing the juices to settle and the meat to reach the desired temperature. 

You deserve steak the way you love it, every single time. While it’s ultimately on the chef to create the perfect meal, it’s your responsibility to order correctly. 

Rare (120-degrees): Cool to slightly warm red center, tender texture

Medium Rare (130-degrees): Warm red center, the favorite temperature of most chefs

Medium (140-degrees): Hot pink center, slightly firmer 

Medium Well (150-degrees): Mostly cooked through, firm texture

Well Done (160-degrees): Dry, colorless, firm

Cuts of Steak to Test and Love

Filet Mignon: This is considered the peak of luxury for many diners. The tender, soft texture of a medium-rare filet could be cut with a spoon (although a great steak knife is our preference). Filet is the ideal choice if you prefer little to no fat and a hearty, mild flavor. 

Ribeye: This is a favorite at Valley Smoke. We serve our 14-ounce ribeye with housemade horseradish sauce and your favorite potato side. This cut’s marbled fat is what makes this craveable cut a winner in our books. 

Flank: While this may be far cheaper than the other two on the list, flank steak is packed with flavor. You need to know two things before you cook this cut — never cook past medium-rare (130-degrees) and always thinly slice against the grain. The volume of this fibrous cut makes it the perfect choice for a crowd. 

Sample these Steaks and More at Valley Smoke this Fall

Our team knows a thing or two about perfectly cooked and seasoned meat. We only serve the best quality cuts that pair perfectly with our gourmet sides. Valley Smoke is the ideal way to spend a chilly fall evening. Start your meal with a smooth whiskey cocktail, move onto a perfectly cooked steak and finish with an irresistible dessert. 

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