American barbeque has a history that spans generations. Cultures from every corner of the country add their own twist year over year. From molasses-based sauces to tangy mustard varieties, the Valley Smoke pit crew is here to explain the differences between classic BBQ creations and modern takes.

Classic Varieties by Region

The four primary styles of barbeque come from Memphis, North Carolina, Kansas City, and Texas. Each region is known for a very specific type of sauce and meat preparation. While these four ‘que hotspots claim the original titles, great cooks and restaurateurs put their own spin on these classic preparations.  

Memphis totes a tomato-based sauce, particularly delicious on the renowned pulled pork shoulder. North Carolina slides the whole pig in a smoker then slathers it in a vinegar-based sauce. Slow-smoked meat from Kansas City gets its flavor from a dry rub and a thick, sweet sauce. And Texans? Well, they have a different style for each part of the state. However they each prepare their meat, it’s always paired with a thin vinegar-based sauce. 

The Ins-and-Outs of New ‘Que

Contemporary approaches to traditional smoke shacks offer unique flavors we all know and love. Aside from curated decor and regional memorabilia, you can expect a varied menu with a slew of offerings. 

At Valley Smoke, we put a huge focus on perfectly prepared meats. From options you’d expect (like brisket and ribs) to unique additions (like hot links and churrasco steak), there’s something for everyone at our waterfront pit stop. 

Along with the delicious meats on the menu, we add modern options like:

– Oak Smoked Burrata

– Smoked Pork Belly Ramen

– Wood Grilled Cauliflower Steak

21st century BBQ restaurants offer a combination of classics and gourmet takes. Inventive apps, creative sides, and decadent desserts are all expected staples on modern-day barbeque menus. 

Our Favorite Classic + Modern Meal Pairings

You have so many wonderful choices at Valley Smoke this spring. There are thousands of meal combinations, starting with an indulgent appetizer and finishing with a shareable dessert. Of course, the best meals combine BBQ staples with our own gourmet twists. Here are a few multi-course dining ideas to spur your imagination:

– Fried Green Tomatoes + Heritage St Louis Style Ribs + Hummingbird Cake

– Crispy Chicken Livers + The Chopped Brisket Sandwich + Cucumber Basil Gimlet

– Wood-Fire Local Shrimp + Filet Mignon + Banana Pudding

Is your mouth watering yet? Give us a call or drop by today to check out our seasonal menu offerings and sample a few local favorites. We look forward to serving you!