BBQ season is here! For many of us, this is the wonderful time of the year we get to gather around with family and friends and enjoy some delicious BBQ. So, whether you’re eating at Valley Smoke or grilling out in the backyard, you have to try these drink and BBQ pairings. It’s going to change the way you enjoy a real southern BBQ meal. From grilled chicken to marinated beef brisket, we’ve got the perfect drink for you:



You can’t go wrong with pairing an American classic like bourbon with some good ol’ BBQ. Any bourbon with serious depth and a smooth finish will take your meal to the next level. It pairs perfectly with lighter meats like chicken and pork. Choosing a bourbon with flavorings that include vanilla, brown sugar, touches of oak or molasses is sure to bring out the yummy flavors of your meal.



Rumor has it that whiskey and BBQ were actually made for each other. The southern flavors used for traditional BBQ marinades and sauces can’t be matched with an insufficient spirit. A slab of smokey goodness should be paired with an aged rye with distinct notes of nuts and spices. This whiskey that has a spicy tone and a drier taste pair perfectly with a tender, flavorful beef brisket.


Rosé/Sparkling Wine

Rosé is one of the most versatile food wines. Especially when dry, it can be paired with anything from grilled chicken on a summer salad to smoked pork. Same with any sparkling wine; it’s extremely versatile so it can be paired with practically anything. You can’t go wrong pairing bubbles with some tasty BBQ. When all else fails, drink rosé or bubbles, or better yet, rosé bubbles. Even with smoked beef?  Yes, even with smoked beef.



Spring/summer is the most exciting time to try new beers. Between all the backyard barbeques and the visits you’ll be taking to Valley Smoke, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as finding your go-to summer beer. Before you get ahead of yourself, have you considered which beers compliment your favorite BBQ dishes? Well good news, we have the answer. An IPA paired with any delicious BBQ is a combination to-die-for. If you want to get specific, an IPA with a sharp bitterness and high carbonation pairs well with a delicious grilled sausage.


The most important rule when pairing food and drinks is to always sip something you enjoy. If you don’t know what to pair with your meal, go with something you know you’ll like. These recommendations are just that – recommendations. Remember, there’s no harm in trying something new and you might find your new favorite drink/food pairing in the process! We’re confident our recommendations will make eating at Valley Smoke a fun and delicious experience. Make reservations today! We can’t wait to see you!