There’s no right or wrong way to eat BBQ around these parts. Everyone has their preferences and the team at Valley Smoke embraces different likes and dislikes. Whether you prefer KC ‘que or something a little more southern, make 2019 your year to experiment with fresh flavors.


Barbecue is all about combining tender meat, great sauces and good company. Grab a few of your friends to sample some different approaches to everyone’s favorite type of food. Valley Smoke offers a selection of freshly prepared sauces to every table we serve. Give our Alabama White a try for something out of the ordinary!


Fresh Barbecue Favorites to Sample in 2019


Keep it Local and Give Regional Sauces a Try


Fantastic chefs around Florida and Georgia are cookin’ up some crazy good sauces lately that you’ve gotta try. In fact, some of the best locally-made sauces are at Valley Smoke! We might be biased, but our freshly-prepared featured sauces are among the best of the best.


Everyone has their favorite kind of sauces, just like every chef has a favorite type to prepare. Fan favorites include Kansas City-style (for lovers of a sweet flavor), Texas-style (has a kick) and Memphis (vinegar-based).


Explore Ethnic BBQ Flavors


If you’ve never had Korean or Phillipino barbecue variations, you’re missing out! Unlike American BBQ, many other styles put emphasis on skewered meats, satays and chicken wings. Some of the most popular styles popping up around Jacksonville include Brazilian steakhouses and Korean BBQ joints.


In fact, Valley Smoke features a couple menu items with ethnic influence! Stop by to taste our take on the Cuban Sandwich or a Churrasco Steak with Chimichurri Sauce.


Out of the Ordinary Meat Choices


We all love the traditional BBQ options — ribs, brisket, smoked turkey, the list goes on. It’s fun to think outside of the normal options with your BBQ orders this year. Give BBQ salmon a try or the more common hot links.


Testing out BBQ sauce on different meats might just introduce you to a new favorite! Besides, you can’t go wrong with combining barbecue and seafood in the south.


It doesn’t matter how you choose to do it, it’s adventuring outside your comfort zone that really matters. Stop by Valley Smoke for a fresh take on ‘que with an unbeatable view. We can’t wait to see you in 2019!