At Valley Smoke, we specialize in two things: bourbon and BBQ, so you could say we know a thing or two about a tasty BBQ sauce! Let us be your guide into the world of sauces. There are many different styles of barbeque that come from different regions of the United States. From the Carolinas to Texas to Kansas, the meat cuts and sauces vary to create very unique forms of ‘que. Let the experts (us) school you in the main BBQ sauces:


Vinegar Based

Vinegar based sauce is a staple in the world of barbeque. It’s acidic flavor was adopted in traditional Carolina BBQ but has made its way all around the United States. Unlike other ‘que styles, vinegar based sauce doesn’t call for tomato in the recipe. Rather, they rely on vinegar (usually cider) with a combination of other spices. Spices typically found in this type of sauce include cayenne, black pepper, hot sauce, crushed red pepper or salt. The amount of each spice added depends on how spicy you want the spice to turn out. At Valley Smoke, we have two vinegar based sauces, one with red peppers and one without. The one with red peppers is a hit for those who like a kick to their ‘que. The one without is a go-to for those who don’t enjoy a the heat with their barbeque.


Sweet & Smoky

What’s better than some thick, sweet sauce on barbeque that’s been cooked to perfection? We’ve yet to find an answer. Sweet and smoky sauce originated in Kansas City, Missouri and has since become an American original, you can find it in almost any BBQ restaurant. Some Mcdonald’s in Missouri actually provide sweet and smoky as a regular sauce option! It’s typical base of molasses and ketchup has a flavor some people just can’t resist. Other ingredients usually consist of Worcestershire, brown sugar, vinegar and soy sauce. Here at Valley Smoke, we offer a standard molasses based sauce for those who love sweet BBQ and one with red pepper for those who love a sweet and tangy profile.


Mustard Based

Mustard based sauce is a delicious creation we can thank the people of South Carolina for! If you love a tangy flavor, this is probably the sauce you reach for when eating BBQ. Mustard-based sauce is usually thinned with vinegar and spiced with a zingy flavor to perfectly dress any pork cuts. Valley Smoke offers two different types of mustard based sauces. One is called the three mustard, made with three different types of mustard (hints the name). The other is a spicy mustard based sauce for our tangy and heat lovin’ customers.


At Valley Smoke, we take barbeque pretty seriously. We believe sauce should be created with only the best and freshest ingredients, which is why we homemake all out sauces. Come see us at Valley Smoke in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and we’d be more than happy to let you sample all our sauces over a few craft cocktails and some tasty ‘que. Call or click here to make reservations today!